3M PR60 window film Used For Heat and Glare Home Improvement Project in Buffalo, New York Lake Home 2

3M Prestige Window Film Used For Heat and Glare Reduction on Buffalo Lake Home

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In our line of work we get to spend time in some terrific homes. This lake home in the Buffalo area was no exception. Terrific views are what make this home so stunning. Unfortunately, the windows that brought you these views also brought excessive heat and glare at certain times of the day. The owner wanted a window film that helped reduce the heat and glare while not taking away from the views in any way.

After consultation, we decided on a window film from 3M called Prestige 60. This film was custom made for this purpose. In fact, 3M’s own website puts it this way when discussing Prestige 60: “Glass windows help make your home beautiful and inviting. But sunlight can create excessive heat and expose your family and possessions to damaging ultraviolet (UV) rays. Let in the light but keep out the heat and damaging UV rays without impacting your home’s aesthetics or your view.”

The side benefit of this film is also that it will help preserve the flooring, furniture and furnishings from premature fading as well. Take a look at the additional pictures below that show the windows with the film installed. Pay particular attention to the first picture on the left as it shows the windows side by side with half treated with Prestige 60 and the other half before the installation.

We hope that you enjoyed this article and these pictures from this project. If you would like to get more information on how our line of residential window films like Prestige 60 can help enhance your home, click HERE. If you have any questions about these films or would like to schedule a free, no obligation assessment and quotation at your facility, call us at (716) 875-5408 or fill our a form HERE.