The 3M Difference

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The 3M Brand

3M makes over 50,000 different products. The average consumer has 300 3M products in his/her home.

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The Original

Based upon several 3M core technologies, the 3M Company invented window film in 1966 and holds the original patent.

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Method of Manufacture

3M is the only window film company to manufacture its window films from start to finish, including polyesters, adhesives, and protective coatings.

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The Polyester

3M is the only window film manufacturer that actually produces its own polyester, including patented microlayer and color-stable technology film

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The Protective Overcoat

The adhesive is protected until the film is applied to the window for a crisp, distortion-free, and clean appearance.

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The Adhesive

3M is the only window film company to make its own adhesives. From Scotch Tape® and Post-it® Notes to permanent construction adhesives, 3M is a world leader in adhesive technologies. The adhesives we use with our films provide a unique combination of fast drying, optical clarity, long-lasting bond, and simple removal.

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No one knows abrasion like 3M. From sandpaper to Scotchbrite™ scouring pads, this is another category in which 3M is a worldwide leader. This expertise has also taught us how to protect against abrasion. So to protect the film and your windows from scratches, we’ve created an exterior layer that is six to ten times more durable than film alone. It can even hold up to fine steel wool and ammonia cleaners.

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UV Protection

3M window films block up to 99.9% of the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays. 3M places the UV inhibitors in the film’s adhesive to stop UV light at the surface of the glass. Consequently, the adhesive does not yellow like that of the competition. In addition, many of 3M’s window films are recommended by The Skin Cancer Foundation.

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The Quality

3M has achieved the highest possible quality rating of manufacture: ISO 9002:1994.

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3M window films are maintenance-free. You can even clean them with ammonia-based products.

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The 3M Warranty

Only the 3M Company offers the most comprehensive industry warranty.

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