Sun Control Window Film

Improve Comfort, Energy Efficiency, & UV Protection

Windows are an architectural necessity. Humans want natural light to pour into their homes and offices. Sunshine makes us feel better and improves our productivity. And we’re always curious to see what’s going on outside. But the allowance of natural light comes with a price.

The sun’s energy and light create unnecessary heat that makes us uncomfortable and causes annoyances like fading and glare. Typical remedies include costly air-conditioning and blinds that hinder our views, which are the reason we have windows in the first place.

3M Sun Control & Insulating Window Films

3M has been solving this problem for homes and businesses for over 50 years with 3M Sun Control & Insulating Window Films. 3M’s window films make your windows more energy efficient by blocking out the sun’s heat while allowing in as much daylight as possible, thereby improving your comfort and reducing annoying glare and costly fabric fade.

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Year-Round Comfort & Savings

3M window films not only block out the sun’s heat in the summer, but they also retain your manmade heat in the winter. It’s like adding an extra pane of glass, turning single pane glass into double, and double pane glass into triple – all at a fraction of the price of window replacement. That translates into improved personal comfort and reduced heating and air-conditioning bills year round.

Glare Prevention

Glare and eyestrain are caused when the sun’s natural light prohibits you from easily seeing your television or computer. 3M’s Sun Control Films filter out unnecessary glare, thereby making it easier to enjoy watching your favorite shows or surf the net.

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UV & Fade Protection

Ultraviolet rays from the sun are not only damaging to your skin and eyes, they also result in premature fading of furniture, wood flooring, artwork, and decor. 3M window films block up to 99% of UV light, helping you to protect your loved ones and your investments in your home. 3M window films are so effective at blocking UV rays that The Skin Cancer Foundation has awarded them their Seal of Recommendation.

Featured Sun Control Window Films

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Thinsulate Series

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Prestige Series

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Night Vision Series

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