Safety & Security Window Film

Protect People & Property from Dangerous Security Threats

Enhance Security

A window is typically the most vulnerable part of a home or office building. That’s because glass is more fragile than concrete, brick, wood, and most other construction materials. After all, if an intruder wants to break into your home or office, most likely he will do it by smashing a window rather than a brick wall or wood door. But there is another personal risk associated with broken glass: broken glass can cause personal injury.

3M Safety & Security Film strengthens glass by adding an invisible protective layer that holds broken glass in place. An regular window might take an intruder a few seconds to break through, but a window with security film installed can take over a minute to break. This extra time gives occupants ample opportunity to get to safety, while giving law enforcement time to arrive on the scene.

commercial security window film for offices

residential security window film for homes

Increase Personal Safety

Windows are also the first part of a building to give out during a bomb blast explosion or severe weather event. When windows break, flying shards of glass can put building occupants at risk of serious injury. 3M Safety & Security Window Film helps to hold the glass in place, thereby increasing the safety of everyone in the building or home.


Protect Schools

Schools across the country have been taking steps to increase the security of school buildings. 3M Safety & Security Window Film has become an essential component of schools' safety strategies. These films help keep buildings secure and protect students and teachers in the event of an armed intruder attempt. When applied to windows and glass doors, 3M security film makes it difficult for an intruder to gain entry to the building, giving those inside time to get to a safe location.

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anti graffiti window film

Deter Vandalism

Graffiti artists target more than just brick walls and traffic signs - they also target glass doors and windows. Graffiti on glass surfaces can be quickly and easily erased when windows are protected with 3M Anti-Graffiti Film. Installed on glazed surfaces susceptible to vandalism, Anti-Graffiti Film is a clear polyester laminate that is invisible to graffiti artists. If the glass is vandalized, the damaged film is removed, revealing a graffiti-free pane of glass that is ready for a new film covering. Installation, removal, and re-installation is a fraction of the cost of glass replacement or general graffiti abatement.


3M Security Films Video Gallery

The same 3M Safety & Security Film can help you mitigate the effects of all of the following:

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Breaking & Entering

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Active Shooter

3m bomb blast security window film demonstration video

Bomb Blast

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