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Did You Know Retrofitting Window Film Offers 4 Interesting Benefits?

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Window films and window tint are an innovative technology that offers benefits many are unaware of. While many people have become aware of the solar control benefits of retrofitting window film to existing glass surfaces, we wanted to share four additional interesting advantages available for homes and offices.

4 Interesting Benefits Of Retrofitting Window Film To Your Home or Office

  1. Added Privacy – Often the usage of space changes over time. An example might be how many people are turning spare bedrooms and other home spaces into offices in recent days.. When this occurs, a window that may have been a good fit for the rooms previous use lacks privacy for the new objective. Window films can be retrofitted to add the desired privacy to your existing windows. The best part is that this film is removable if the space were to ever need to be reverted back to the previous use.
  2. Reduced energy costs: Window film can help to reduce your energy costs by blocking out solar heat and UV rays. This can help to keep your home or office cooler in the summer, which can lead to lower cooling bills.
  3. Improved SecurityClear window films can be retrofitted to your existing windows to helps keep the envelope of the space intact. Windows can be broken for a variety of reasons. From a burglary attempt or act of vandalism to a breakage from natural occurrences such as storms. Window films will keep the broken glass intact which makes it more difficult for someone to gain access to the space or weather to pass through the opening.
  4. Increased SafetyAs mentioned above, window film can help retain broken glass in place. This will help increase the safety of the space by reducing the risk of injury from broken glass falling or flying out of the window opening.

In addition to these benefits, window film can also help to reduce glare, improve interior lighting, and protect your furniture from fading. If you are looking for a way to improve the energy efficiency, security, and comfort of your home or office, retrofitting window film is a great option.

Here are a couple additional benefits of window film:

  • Improved comfort: Window film can help to create a more comfortable environment in your home or office by reducing glare and keeping out hot or cold air.
  • Enhanced curb appeal: Window film can add a touch of style to your home or office, and can even help to increase its value.

Window film is a relatively easy and affordable way to improve the energy efficiency, security, privacy and comfort of your home or office.

We hope that you found these additional benefits of retrofitting home window film to your existing home windows interesting. If you have any questions or would like to arrange for a free, no obligation consultation and quote, please contact Northeast Window Tint today by calling 716-875-5408 or fill out a form HERE. We are located in Buffalo, New York and cover the entire greater Rochester, New York area.