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Frosted Glass Film Provides Privacy in Lockport, New York

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It is often the case that a window might need to be frosted to provide privacy. That was precisely the situation with this set of doors on Lockport, New York. There are several benefits of using frosted glass film versus buying custom glass. Shared for a recent article on the website, here are some of the primary benefits:

  1. Retrofittable to Existing Glass – You can avoid the excessive cost of removing your existing glass and replacing it with a custom glass panel as decorative film can be applied to the existing glass panel in most cases.
  2. Cost – Even basic custom glass panels can get costly. However, decorative glass films allow you to implement much more intricate and involved designs at a fraction of what having a custom piece of glass would cost.
  3. Reversible – If the needs of a space change and you would like to remove the decorative element, the decorative film can simply be removed. With a custom glass panel, you would need to order a new piece of glass and have it installed.
  4. Easier to Clean – When the actual glass panel is customized to give a frosted or sand blasted look, it creates a rough surface in the glass. This surface attracts dust, oil from people’s hand, etc and begins to look dirty over time. As the dirt becomes embedded in the surface, it becomes harder to remove it completely and keep the decorative panel looking clean. On the other hand, designs utilizing decorative glass films are easily cleaned so that they continue to look as good as the day they were installed.

Here are the individual pictures from this job.

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